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Panic Attack

Hi friend,

I would like to share a very important situation which happened to me at Germany. This might be useful to you or everyone you might share with.

This occurred a week ago at the gym (kraftraum) at SAP AG, Germany. That fine morning, I started as usual from my home at 5.45AM to the gym inside the office itself. My colleague who stays in the same hotel I stay, joined me. While starting from my home, I drank just half glass of water, enough to clear out the morning dryness in my throat.

I did my workout for around 1 hours. My last one was for the abdomen and while I was doing my crunches, I felt some dryness in my throat. I experienced a bit of fatigue too. But managed to complete the whole session. Then I proceeded towards the dressing room where I felt a bit of dizzyness while walking inside. With nobody in sight (it was the early hours and it was obvious), went to the last bench and just sat down. While I was sitting, my body started reacting differently. Like a race car doing a drift, I felt my body swirling sideways.

I felt my body losing its capacity to be stable and thoughts came flashing in my mind, telling that I will faint soon. But I didn’t want that to happen. I am not that weak. Few minutes before, I was capable to run 30 mins do heavy weights for 40 minutes straight. If I have that much stamina, I will be able to withstand this dizziness.

So, first thing to do, free of myself with body hugging gym clothes. I removed my t-shirt, loosened my pant a bit. Still nobody arrived in the dressing room. Anyways, its upto me to recover. Come what may, I stood up trying to gain hold of me. The swirling increased. Hobbling my way across the dressing room, I came across the wash basin. I splashed some water on my face and drank ample quantity of it. I felt like the pin in a fuel indicator, when I took off my face from the wash basin.

The fatigue persisted .. What could be the reason ? Perhaps, I should breathe in to let more oxygen come inside and refresh me. I went back to the same bench and started to breathe. Pumping heavily, I started to breathe harder to quickly rejuvenate. Still nobody in the dressing room . I feared what would happen if I collapsed over here ? What if this was something more serious ? This is the first time I am experiencing this much of dizziness. Then the actual breakdown started. Suddenly, my fatigue vanished, my dizzyness disappeared. But, my legs started to contract, numbness started filling my body starting from my head. Within few seconds, I felt my whole body stalled. My fingers started to take a claw shape and I was not able to move it back to the previous position. My body began to get fixed in the same position as I was sitting with my mind completely ignoring all my physical requests.

Fear started filling in. I had thoughts of people having paralysis and an obvious thought started to surface and fed me that I am also going through the same. I ignored that. I kept on trying with my fingers and legs and never stopped breathing. With whatever positive strength prevailing in me, I used it. Then, I heard footsteps. A German colleague came. And thankfully to the last bench beside me. Relief at last. But, he never looked at me while he was unpacking his bag. I thought that he thought I was meditating.

I started signaling him. When I tried to say “Hello”, nothing came from my mouth, because I was not able to move it. Oh My God! What is happening ? He came beside me, still not knowing what I am going through. He asked me what I wanted. Unable to still talk, I concentrated more on my mouth muscles rather than the rest because I need to tell this gentleman who showed up at the right time. “Aaaaaiiiii yaaimmm nauggghhttt .. “, thats it, nothing else started. “What sir ?”, he asked me. “Aaai yaaaimm naugghhttt haaaiibuullll taauu moooovvve”, was my reply, which I thought, would have never reached him. “Oh, wait a min” .. and he understood me! He caught hold of my hand and fingers and started to stretch a bit and at the same time, asked me to breathe slowly. He then asked me to sit down and started to smile to make me calm. He started asking me few questions about which building I was sitting and stuff. I was very confused and tensed. But, his words and actions made me comfortable. He told his name was Anderson and was working in the same building where the gym was. I started feeling a bit better.

Slowly, I felt the stretches untie, I felt my body regaining back to form. A huge relief came on me. It was the happiest time I have ever been. Very slowly, I started moving my legs and hands and could move it freely. My fingers were back to normal once again. I was back!

Thanking him a lot, I went for shower and after dressing up, I went straight to meet the doctor at SAP. The Doctor, after hearing the whole situation that happened at the gym, smiled and patted on my shoulder. “Nothing to worry, you just had a Panic Attack”. And the explanation goes like this.

After so much sweat at the gym, and the added fact that I didn’t have sufficient amount of water, made me almost dehydrated. So, I was feeling the dizziness. But, the Doctor could not explain how the Panic Attack started because of that. But she speculated that the combination of dizzyness and the feeling that I was alone with nobody to help at that point of time, might be the reason (Not sure even!). And now comes the interesting part.

When my brain sensed that my body was experiencing lack of water and my brain sensing fear (with heavy breathing setting in), it had sent signals to the nervous system to shut down it seems (Not literally complete shut down, but to the safe level). This had made my legs and hands immovable and even my mouth, speechless. At this stage, the ideal option is to breathe normally and to calm down. But, since I was still breathing heavily and the adrenaline still was active, the shut down was still in place. When the colleague came and helped me, his calm words and soothing actions revoked the Shut Down process and my brain heaved a sigh of relief from which my body started to resume its normal state.

Such experiences are rare it seems and to a healthy body, the effects are close to nil. But, she also said that if the same situation would have occurred to a person with High Blood Pressure or to a Diabetic, the effect would have been profound.

Even though the situation was minor and didn’t affect me much, it might not be the case with another fellow human being who might experience it later. We are not made up of same composition right ? So, effects vary. Please be cautious of such situations and try not to follow the same I did 😛 .. Be calm and poise 🙂

Do read about Panic Attack.

Be Healthy. Stay Strong. 🙂



Sprinkles of Heaven

          After years of robotic life, my family finally wanted to find that there is something called life. After the, “Always Accounting” for my dad, “Always Land Sanctions” for my mom, “Always Engineering” for my sister and “Always Bugs” for me, we thought of seeing each other closely, just to confirm that we are still a happy family. So, we thought of going to some good place, provided, it should be Cool(You know how we Chennaiites long for some place less than 40 deg.), it should be Silent(Hmm .. My Chennai house is surrounded 3 sides by road and my Pune house has the same with the remaining side occupied by Railway Track. You know, I am half deaf now! ). So the place which immediately striked us was Kodaikanal (A Hill station in TamilNadu).

So, we went ahead and booked the tickets, made everything ready over there for accomodation. We started one fine Saturday night to Kodaikanal. Stay was awesome, we had a very good guest house, good food, good hospitality. Wait .. So what, everything was fine, what is the point?, you might ask. I actually wanted to share the experience which I had while returning from Kodaikanal.

We had our return tickets to Chennai from the station called “Kodai Road” (about 80kms from Kodaikanal Hills). We had the plan of visiting “Pazhani* Temple” on the way to station. So, we hired a private cab and asked him to take us to Kodai Road via Pazhani Temple.

Sitting in the front of the car gave me an extra advantage of having a better view of the hills. Till the time we were travelling along the local route of Kodaikanal, he was the slowest of the drivers. When I looked out of the window, a person was whizzing past us in his vehicle, where after a moment I figured out that it was a cycle and he was just pedalling fast. My God, is he really driving or pedalling the car! I even thought of looking at his legs to see if it is pressing on the accelarator.

The descent from the kodai hills was the most awesome experience I ever had. The ghat road started and the road became steep. The driver switched off the engine for sometime and let the car drive with the mind of its own (Thank God! atleast we can go above 20Kmph). With roads curving around the edges and vehicles crawling up the mountain, the cars weight made it sway sidewards. The driver used the steering like dialling the old grandpa’s telephone.

            Then came a sudden twist in the moment when the clouds turned dark overhead and fog engulfed the mountains like my mom covers me up with the bed spread. Super chilled winds blew over and pumped into our car making our blood freeze. Out of the corner of the eye, I could see the long silent valley getting watered by the oncoming rain. Yes, we could really see the rain coming like a gardner watering the plants.….. Hsssssssss .. In a moment there were sprinkles in the windshield and the road got a transparent coating. With the chillness sending a rush of excitement inside me, I stuck my head out to feel the heavenly sprinkles. With the rain drops caressing my face, I felt the taste of nature when my tongue felt few drops. I lifted my head to notice the trees growing along the sides of the mountain, standing tall with pride. We felt like ants trailing along the sugar path in-between the mighty humans 🙂

         The effect was so pleasant that it seemed like the drops from the clouds were picked by the leaves and fed to me by their hands. Generally trees harvest water in their leaves and give one big drop that slush-es on you if you go under them. I was lucky to have those extra large ones massaging my face all over.

        The mountains were seemingly greenish and beamed with freshness. With water running over them, they looked as if they were crying out with joy on receiving the rain.

        Suddenly, the driver beckoned me over to a place and told that that was Pazhani Hills. There it was. Pazhani hills was beside a dam and from this hill, it looked like sand mountain built by kids along the beach.

        Very soon the descent was complete and the hills melted to leave us to the plains. We reached Pazhani in few minutes and the first thing I prayed on seeing Him was “Thank God for giving me this life for enjoying this(your) nature”

        With my heart full of freshness and mind full of peace, I felt fully recharged. Well, now I will be able to take extra bugs in my life! 🙂

                                                  Life has endless surprises, open up to receive it.

                                                                                 :: Satish ::


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* Pazhani Temple ( )

Wierd title huh ?? Hmm .. Let me ask you a question before you question me about the Title. Have you ever bought a treadmill for slimming your body, always gulp down pills for even a small headache, buy Hair Revitalizing Oil for promoting hair growth ? (Hope you got the answer now!)

People in marketing have a very unique way of attracting people. Actually, that was unique which now is a very common strategy followed. “Touching the people’s heart!” is the most successful way for getting their product sold. Every other product in the market focus on your negatives, say obesity, dark complexion, deodorant, innerwears(I wonder how deep they can go!).

But there is one fundamental advantage for all these. Our mind is more fragile and is like a 1 year old baby. If you keep telling that Pizza sucks, for say, 3-4 days, you will turn your face away from your nearest Pizza Hut (who bets on this! I guarantee you on this phenomena*). Trust me, it is the fact. I am not cooking up results.

When the marketing people say in an ad that XXX oil is guaranteed to stop hair fall, and when your mind observes it, it forms a mental conception that Use of XXX Oil === Hair fall termination.

Wonderful equation right? This is what your mind arrives when you see that. After few days, you buy it, apply it. After few days, you find that you hairfall has stopped. OMG!

You can bet me on this too! (Even I use a hair oil, and it is working like this.. ) Hahaha .. Actually, the fact is, your mind had worked on that fact all these days, formed a concrete idea that it will definitely stop hairfall. Whenever you apply, you believe that the oil stops hairfall. Although I don’t deny that the constituents of oil also enhance in reducing the hairfall, your mind’s function is very vital because it had instructed the hair follicles and its associates of the application of an external agent which will help them stay on the area.

Hair Follicles believe and accept the oil as their catalyst. Thats it!

Same happens for a treadmill, a deodorant, hmm (no comments about innerwears!). Pretty interesting right?

If you really like this, please give your valuable comments/share your experiences on some experiences which you might have experienced!

Thanks a lot for reading! See you in my next content!